Custom Peptide Synthesis
Product introduction

Custom Peptide Services

GT peptide is expert at high quality custom peptide synthesis for most biotech companies and academic institutes and consistently meet the highest standard of quality, custom service and technical support. So far, we have completed more than various 10,000 custom peptide for customers. Our custom peptide synthesis are performed under strict quality management by the state-of-the-art instruments such as Waters, Agilent. and the brand new peptide center covering 2,000 m2 is much more excellent for custom peptide service. We warmly welcome partners to join us for more cooperation.

Common linear peptide synthesis

Quantity: from milligrams to kilograms

Purity: from crude peptide to peptide purity up to 99%

Turnaround time:

depends on the length of sequence.

The time for ≤10aa sequence will be within one week.

Peptide Length:

from 2 to 100+ amino acids.

So far we successfully developed peptide more than 168 amino acids.

Price quotation:

our sales team will provide quotation within 12 hours as soon as we receive the peptide sequence, purity requirement, modifications.

Confidentiality: both sides will sign the confidential agreement as requests.

Peptide Reports: the peptide is delivered along with MS, HPLC, COA

extra report such as NMR, IR, UV, elemental analysis, water, endotoxin, amino acid report will be performed upon request and will be extra charged.

Peptide Modifications

1. D-Amino Acids

Common: D-Ala、D-Arg、D-Asn、D-Asp、D-Cys、D-Gln、D-Glu、D-His、D-Allo-Ile、D-Lys、D-Leu、D-Met、D-Phe、D-Pro、D-Ser、D-Thr、D-Trp、D-Tyr、D-Ser
non-common: D-Abu、D-Bal、D-Cha、D-Cit、D-Hyp、D-Nle、D-Nal、D-Nva、D-Orn、D-Tic、D-Pen、D-4-Cl-Phe

2. N-terminal

Acetylation、Formylation 、Biotin、Fatty acid、Myristic acid、Palmytolyl 、Maleimide、Succinylation、Benzyloxycarbonylation (CBZ)、DTPA、DOTA、NOTA

3. C-terminal


4. Phosphorylation

p-Tyr 、p-Ser、p-Thr

5. Cyclization

Disulfide bridge (one or multiple S-S bonds), Amide cyclic (Side chain, end)

6. Methylation

Other locations: Lys(Me)、Lys(Me)2、Lys(Me)3、Arg(Me)、Arg(Me)2S、Arg(Me)2AS、Cys(Me)、Asp(OMe)、Glu(OMe)、Tyr(Me)、Trp(Me)

7. Fluorescently labeled peptides

FITC/5-FAM/TAMRA (N-Terminal, Y/N Ahx)、Dansyl (N-Terminal, Y/N Ahx)、MCA (N-Terminal)、Lys(Dabcyl)Glu(Edans)/Asp(Edans)

8. Peptide PEGylation


9. Multiple Antigenic Peptide System

Asymmetric 4 branches、Asymmetric 8 branches

10. Protein Conjugation


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